Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey look what I found

    Growing up in a small town there really wasn't a whole lot of things to do, however, one thing that we spent our time doing was riding around. Of course you had to have a car, or one of your buddies did! So your plans usually revolved around how much gas was in the car, or how much money everybody could scrape together to buy gas. If you didn't have very much gas, or money you stayed in Darrouzett dragging main, and honking at the other cars, not the get out of my way honking, or you idiot, you just cut me off honking. Nope, it was the hey how ya doing, hope you had a great day and your night is going just as good honking, although you had just been talking to them at the CO-OP station parking lot not 5 minutes ago. Now if you had a half a tank you could go to Follett or Booker, and if  the tank was full, well you might even venture plum to Perryton! Although we didn't go there very often, except on dates, wasn't anybody over there we knew to honk at.

  Anyway, this one night there was several of us sitting at the station parking lot trying to figure out what we wanted to do. We didn't have much gas, or money, so it was going to be a dragging main night. So Calley says get in let's go riding around. Now if memory serves me correct Calley, Barbie, and I were in the front seat. Rudy, Sheila, and Travis was in the back seat. If you are from Darrouzett, or have ever been there then you know that it doesn't take you very long to drag main 5 or 6 times and then to drive down all of the other streets in town. So after this was accomplished Callie said "let's go out to the big tree and see if anything is  going on out there." Of course we all knew that there wasn't anything going on out there, or we would have already been out there, but what the heck it was gonna be something different to see other than what was in town. For those of you who don't know what the big tree is, well on the East side of Darrouzett there is a creek that runs through there, and there was a giant Cottonwood tree that stood beside the creek. The city had put some picnic tables down there, put in some lights, and kept it mowed. It was a great meeting place for all types of activities from family reunions, beer parties, to a make out spot! I'm just glad that danged ole tree can't talk!

  As we pull off the highway onto the dirt road, one of Callies favorite things to do was put in an 8 track tape of Pink Floyd's, Dark Side of the Moon, and turn off the headlights so that the parking lights were the only light that there was. So with the moon light shining, and Pink Floyd blaring down the road we went. The road that you drive on today to get down to the big tree is almost the same as the one we used back then. You still drive along the top of the ridge by the baseball field, although the field wasn't there this night. We dropped off of the top and down to the bottom. We made a slow pass, and sure enough nothing was going on down there that night, nor was there anyone down there. So we started back up out of there, up the hill and back along the road.

  About then Barbie says "I've got to pee!" So Callie drives a little further along the road to where there was an old tree trunk laying beside the road. When Callie stopped, I opened the door and let Barbie out to go pee. While Barbie climbs over the tree trunk I get back into the car and shut the door. We are sitting there listening to the music and talking waiting for Barbie to finish her pee. When all of a sudden Barbie lets out a blood curdling scream. This is the type of scream that you would hear at the movies when the ax murderer is fixen to kill the girl, or the grizzly bear is about to attack the hikers! Well the first thought that goes through my head is that Barbie squatted down and a rattlesnake musta bit her on the butt! So I throw open the door, jump out of the car, and run over to where Barbie is standing, Callie, Rudy, and Travis right behind me.

  When we reach Barbie someone asks what's the matter, are you all right? Barbie points to the log and says, "Hey look what I found!" About three feet away from her sits a white Styrofoam cooler, and inside of that cooler there is probably a case of iced down  beer! Somebody had bought the beer, iced it, and had stashed it for some reason behind that log. Maybe they had to go home for a little bit, maybe they had to go to some function, who knows. We didn't care, we figured finders keepers, right! So we grabbed the cooler and back to the car we go. Should we get some out and start drinking, we were thinking. No, what if whoever put it there comes back to get it. Better if we wait till we get out of there, so we put it in the trunk, and we all get back into the car to once again wait for Barbie to finish her pee.

  As we are sitting there I start thinking to myself, and then start laughing. "What are you laughing about?' someone asks me. "Well we were all so excited about finding the beer that we never even noticed that Barbie was standing there in front of us with her pants around her ankles!" Everybody sat there for a minute thinking about this, and then we began laughing. Sure enough nobody had noticed this. Barbie gets back to the car, and I let her back in "what's so funny" she asks.Of course this just makes us laugh harder.

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  1. got me on that one moose not sure who all was in on this story lol